Why Thinkwell?

Why USE Thinkwell? you may ask.

Here’s why:

  • Because both Thinkwell editors are experienced writers with numerous publishing credits. Your work is therefore in good hands
  • Because our 50/50 publishing deal* (‘Word doc to Amazon AND Bookshops’) is very competitive compared to traditional publishers
  • Because we put tens of hours into each project
  • Because we only accept around 5% of the manuscripts we receive, thus ensuring that your work is not synonymous with vanity/self-publishing
  • Because we are a hybrid operation willing to take on original and well-written works which don’t necessarily fit the ‘safe mould’ of traditional publishing
  • Because the finished book not only looks good courtesy of its beautiful cover, but is professionally formatted inside
  • Because we come to a quick decision regarding your work (usually within six weeks) and if accepted we take about a third of the time from ‘Inception to Publication’ that the big houses do
  • Because, royalty-wise, you earn far more per book than the large publishing houses pay out 
  • Because as WE grow (through promotional videos, innovative marketing, reputation and word of mouth) so do YOU
  • Because existing testimonials / quotes paint a complimentary picture of our published works so far
  • Because we consult with genre-specific readers when necessary in order to gain valuable input regarding your work
  • Because, quite simply, we care about good, neglected fiction / writing and wish to treat it like we would our own

*NB: Author royalties are paid twice a year (May & Nov); Amazon typically paying us 90 days after the end of the month in which the sale was reported.