Please note that we use IngramSpark in order to globally distribute our books where a 50/50 publishing deal* or similar/equivalent is in place with our authors.

This means that we can be found online via AbeBooks, Alibris, Amazon, Blackwell’s, Book Depository, Buecher (UK/Europe) and Amazon, Barnes & Noble (US/Canada) – and even book sellers that don’t begin with an A or B!

Local bookstores worth their salt are able to order our books* using the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which we purchase from Nielsen.

The links below route to Amazon which is very informative when it comes to author background, book info etc. Enjoy.

Garratt, Lee* (political/social)

Ikpe-Etim, Ini* (fiction)

Weston, Jeff (fiction & sport)

Coming soon:

Mellett, Martin* (political fiction) – est. Sep

Wills, Richard* (political/social) – est. Oct

Stephens, David* (political fiction) – est. Nov

Robinson, Chris* (political/social) – est. Dec

Khan, Patricia* (fiction) – est. Jan

…feel free to approach us with an original book…Lee’s book is selling well…