Literary Fiction

It is always hard to put into words the magnificence of great literature – how it slows one down quite gracefully, how it transforms one’s soul, how it fights with the world, yet doesn’t mind lying down after it has made its point.

Literature seduces. It batters the covenants that err on the side of cliched interpretations of the world. It frowns at attempts to censor. It twists the ordinary out of shape and brings a refined beauty to it.

Literature, through the ages, has brought us potent, subtle, thunderous and revered works such as Frankenstein, Heart of Darkness, Death of a Salesman, The Human Stain, The Awakening and Herzog.

Thinkwell believes that there are great works as yet undiscovered, maybe repeatedly touted to the big publishing houses all to no avail. Well, recognition is due. Please show us that beauty.