We do not have teenagers scouring slush piles in search of something they themselves are too ill-informed and inexperienced to find.

We do not have closed-off minds which profess to know the industry and yet push more airport fiction our way.

We do not have blithering pudding-heads caught up in their own hubris and megalomania.

We are Thinkwell Books, UK – a small, one woman, one man, publishing house but with bold ambitions and the experience to recognise good art in whatever form.

We want to make readers laugh, cry, feel indignant, joyful, mesmerised or simply in the moment due to the words, scenes, characters, harmony and feuds before them. It is not often we are truly engaged and at one with the world, yet we want such ardour to exemplify our books.

If you believe that you have something for us, then please get in touch*.

Simply email (subject header: Title of work, Genre & Word count) a synopsis together with your full manuscript (references must be Vancouver style using Microsoft Word’s Superscript and NOT Footnotes or Endnotes) and we will respond in one of three ways:

1. We like what we see and are enthusiastic. A 50/50 publishing deal is where we’d like to end up providing everything feels right: manuscript polished, proofread and self-edited to a high standard; potential; and no clashing of egos!

2. We see definite possibilities, but another draft is necessary which tightens/sharpens up your work and cuts out basic mistakes relating to grammar and punctuation. It is imperative that your work has undergone the following (Spelling & Grammar AND Superscript [if non-fiction with references] highlighted in yellow below):


3. Your work is, unfortunately, not what we are looking for.

Fancy covering letters are really not required. We don’t believe in putting you through the mill like other publishing houses or agents. The work will speak for itself and we’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know you should we like your work.


(M) 07940 933159

NB: Should you phone us, we can’t promise we’ll pick up straight away. We may well be in the middle of something. But good art is patient. It doesn’t need to hustle or elbow that around it. It eventually rises because it’s SUBLIME.

*read Why Thinkwell?, FAQs & Royalties sections first. It also helps if you buy an existing book of ours in order to understand, appreciate and respect the strict template that we adhere to and the beautiful work we produce as a consequence of this: Bookshop. If this isn’t to your liking then it won’t be possible to move forward.