On Wagenknecht:

‘Editors and agents have become more boringly cautious than ever…I admire your ambition’ Peter Buckman, The Ampersand Agency / Penguin Books

‘The underlying premise here is imaginative’ Sophie Lambert, Conville and Walsh

‘You write well’ Tibor Jones & Associates

‘There’s a lot to like’ Tramp Press

‘A new, permanent name in the literary canon’ Andrew Routledge

Wagenknecht is another Stoner – an undiscovered masterpiece by an author born exactly 48 years later’ Bill Wood

‘Charlie Parker (Birdland). John Williams (Stoner). And now Jeff Weston (Wagenknecht). The 29th August is a date when maternity wards around the country are on high alert for the first distinctive cries of new born artists’ Robert Perrin

‘From start to finish, very difficult to put down, desperate as the reader is to salvage and assemble the bits of meaning percolated through the narrative. Wagenknecht is a courageous, bold and inventive piece of modern literary fiction’ Ade Kolade

On Homage to Hernandez and other stories:

‘Heraclitus said that a man’s character is his fate. True enough, but only when our traits are laid bare by others do we understand just what that means’ Andrew Routledge (Modest Anger)

‘Loved it. You are a genius!’ Manjulla Dhir (Jelly & Ice Cream, Jolene)

‘Blimey – it’s very good, but incredibly sad’ Gary Spencer (The Pictures on the Cabinets)

On Mutler:

‘A compelling and indispensable piece of literature when all we have before us in the year 2020 is contrived machismo’ Atif Nawaz

Mutler – written before the political top table became a prodigious array of bigots, shitbags and pretence – cleverly anticipates our 21st century nightmare’ Shane Watters

‘The language throughout is beautiful and mesmerising, and the madly-created scenes either genius or fury. Mutler is, in many ways, the dictators’ handbook’ Helen Taylor

On Pitchside, Ringside & Down in the Table Tennis Dens:

‘ You are really putting accomplished work out there, which does get noticed’ Paul Cicchelli

‘Smart and thorough…Excellent writing’ Robert Ecksel,

‘Just read the McDonald piece. Excellent stuff indeed. Honoured to get a mention… There should be space for considered pieces like this; I do sometimes think editors underestimate their readers and aim lower than they should’ Jon Colman, News & Star

‘Outstandingly well written and hugely insightful’ Neil Bonnar, The Bolton News

On Labour, the anti-Semitism Crisis & the Destroying of an MP:

‘Chris Williamson was driven out of mainstream politics by an unprecedented campaign conducted by the media and amplified by many leading figures in the Labour Party; a campaign based on smears and lies. This book sets about telling the other side – the side of the truth. A must read’ Alexei Sayle

‘A clear account of what happened to Chris Williamson and the identifying of those responsible for this shameful episode in Labour politics. We have many lessons to learn if we are ever to have a party of the left which values truth and honesty. At present that is a distant prospect’ Ken Loach

On Whispers in the Wake:

‘Ini Ikpe-Etim has produced a remarkable read in the African storytelling tradition. Sometimes harrowing, sometimes hard, often joyous, but always with an acute ear for real people – their voices, foibles, weaknesses and grace. I cried at the end such was the strength of the final scene’ Andrew Routledge 

‘A child saves herself from the worst excesses of victimisation by developing a soulless instinct for self-preservation. Prepare to hold your breath and follow her audacious, daring and at times cruel journey of self-discovery as it sweeps across continents, culture and social divides’ Patricia Khan

‘A religious, yet life-affirming mix of seduction, sin and strange adventures. And the character, Iman, is especially flamboyant in a rich, melodic way’ Sarah Adamu