Authors Loved & Lost

We interact with sooooo many authors. And just because we’re not always quick enough to take them on, or immediately appreciate their work in amongst the 100 other jobs we have to carry out, doesn’t mean that we don’t hold their work in high regard. This page is therefore dedicated to Thinkwell’s ‘nearly’ men and women; those that found a publisher elsewhere (or the deal didn’t quite come together) and who we highly recommend in terms of their originality* and good writing.

We’ve certainly not given up the prospect of working with them in the future.

*The above book may or may not be the one submitted to TWB, but the link (if you hover over each front cover) will take you to the author’s Amazon page. Please do support them. Among the many authors that we hear from, we think the works of Vischer, Goran, Benetton, Piggott, Fraser & Spiller are particularly entrancing.