Our business is growing and with that comes the need to align ourselves with competent, clever, diligent, artistic and precise editors.

If you fit this description and wish to become an Equity Partner in our organisation (based on a percentage of sales’ profits on the books that you edit) then please contact us.

An email in the first instance is appreciated with your background / credentials. We will then send you a test and following this (if you’re good enough) will assign you an author to work with.



Marketing isn’t always the perfect fit with the high-calibre books that we publish, but executed in the right way with panache, intensity and innovation we feel that our label, Thinkwell, can hustle its way forward and gain its deserved audience.

 If you feel that you can help in this regard and are keen to join a young enterprise in putting its stamp on the book market, then please get in touch.

Equity Partners (based on a percentage of Thinkwell’s sales’ profits) sought following initial probation period.



We are always seeking readers, with credits to their name, who can offer critiques of the works we publish.

His/her name is thus made more familiar to book buyers courtesy of the brief review we will include either inside the book or on the back cover if particularly impressive.

The only thing we ask is that you email Thinkwell a URL link to the work you have produced which may consist of publication in a reputable magazine, academic journal, paper or quite simply authorship of a book yourself.