TWB Royalties

Authors, through traditional publishing routes, tend to earn a pittance these days – around 10% of sales’ revenues.

A typical 260-page book (60-70,000 words) via Thinkwell Books will earn roughly 26% in Amazon paperback format, 57% in E-book/Kindle format and 17% via Bookstores (due to their high profit margin & overheads); the author receiving half of these respective figures from the point at which Thinkwell’s editing and design costs have been covered (costs intentionally low because we INVEST IN AUTHORS, are very fair/principled/ethical and are NOT VANITY publishers).

Our professional publishing service including artistic direction, cover design and interior formatting (the end product looking JUST AS GOOD as the large publishing houses’ efforts, if not better) is a joy to behold and consists of many hours, to-ing and fro-ing over tiny but important detail, before the highly polished book is finally unveiled.

The front cover, spine, back cover (including blurb and ISBN), brief biography, positive quotes from publishers/agents/critics, the title page, copyright page, dedication, quote from another work, list of chapters and, finally, the work itself – as mentioned – are all essential parts of the final ‘cake’ and things we wish to get right, thus maintaining the high standards synonymous with Thinkwell Books and having a satisfied, joyous and proud author.

We wish to make this process as slick and painless as possible by asking the RIGHT questions from the outset. We are authors ourselves and expect all our work to have been rigorously framed and diligently combed over before publication.